The company

At our Costa Service company offer integrated services and we operate throughout Sardinia.

In particular, we offer both economic and organizational advantages through dialogue with a single contact, in order to plan and coordinate every action necessary, and integrate the productive activity of companies with cleaning plans programmed and working environment hygiene.

Environmental and safety standards

pulizia uffici

In order to ensure an adequate level of cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation of the environment, we respect and understand all environmental regulations and safety (Legislative Decree 81/2008), and the rules of hygiene, such as HACCP.

Who we turn to

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We operate on behalf of private individuals and companies, but also for the tourism and hospitality industry. For information and quotes, please contact us at the time.

The agencyis headquartered in Costa CleaningService Teodoro,but has clients all over the north of Sardinia and particularly in Olbia, Porto Cervo Arzachena ee

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